Mr. R.S. Sharma (CEO)

Mr. R.S. Sharma

Born & Raised in Mant, a small town in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. R.S. Sharma completed his schooling and higher education from Mathura itself. He began his career serving the nation with Indian Army. After about 18 years of service, he retired to explore other avenues of serving his country and its people.

In betwixt years, Mr. Sharma started working in direct selling industry, where he amazingly explored how direct selling could promote financial freedom among commons of the country. His dedication and hard work inspired many people to look upon him as a Role Model, in result of which he created huge network of distributors under his ambience.

Mr. Sharma has always been a giver, he pledged himself to root out shortcomings of the Network Marketing industry and serve it to each and every single count of nation’s population as he realised that unemployment and limited healthcare access are major concerns for many Indians, leading to challenging lives, Mr. Sharma, influenced by the accurate Results of herbal products in his own family, decided to establish "Brightfuture Lifecare Private Limited."

This company, specializing in herbal and food supplement products, aimed to promote healthier living. Today, countless individuals across the country consumes his company's superior products for a healthier lifestyle. They also earn a livelihood by educating others about the benefits of herbal products and recommending these products. Mr. Sharma's vision is not only to empower his people through handy incomes but also to strengthen the nation with a healthier and wealthier tomorrow.

Mr. Girjesh Saraswat(Managing Director)

Mr. Girjesh Saraswat

Direct selling is a field where big dreams, hard work, and a commitment to success are essential, regardless of one's starting point or background. Dreaming is the easy part, requiring no effort, but realizing those dreams demands dedication, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of success. Mr. Girjesh Saraswat is a testament to this journey. He began his path in the humble surroundings of a village in Mathura District, Uttar Pradesh.

Today, Mr. Saraswat's dedication and vision have culminated in his role as the Managing Director of BRIGHTFUTURE LIFECARE PVT LTD, a burgeoning leader in the direct selling industry. His story is a shining example of how perseverance, learning, and the right mentorship can lead to remarkable achievements in the professional world.

Before embarking on a career in the Indian direct selling industry, Mr. Saraswat diligently earned his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and MBA degrees. He then honed his skills over seven years at M/S Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, among other corporations and multinational companies. During this time, he mastered the art of building relationships, developed financial and business acumen, and cultivated motivation - all crucial for establishing a lasting network.

Driven by his ambitious dreams, Mr. Saraswat realized that direct selling was his true calling. He made the bold decision to leave his lucrative position to join M/S SAFESHOP. His journey has been fueled by hard work, a wealth of skills, an insatiable desire for knowledge and learning, and the ability to forge strong networks. He also credits the invaluable guidance of his mentors, including his uncle and guru, Shri Radhe Shyam Sharma.